Chilly Dog Christmas Elf Sweater

Chilly Dog

Chilly Dog Christmas Elf Sweater

 Note: We don't stock the entire line but can order what you want..just ask.

About Chilly Dog

Chilly Dog was founded in 2001. Chilly Dog formed a relationship with the Inca Artisans in South American to create a hand knit wool dog sweater that would fit every dog! They have always followed fair trade guidelines and every product is made from 100% wool and plant dyes. Chilly Dog has been able to employ many knitters in healthy workplaces and enables them to support a better lifestyle in their small villages by being paid a fair living wage.  Chilly Dog keeps up with the latest trends to keep dogs fashionable as well as warm and their sizing fits all breeds from a tea cup dog to a great dane!

Cozy and festive, this one-of-a-kind holiday sweater from Chilly Dog is perfect for family pictures, parties, or cold winter walks. Each hand-knit sweater features a red, white, and green holiday print with pom-pom accents around the mock neck inspired by Santa's busiest little helpers. And best of all, Chilly Dog Sweaters fit like a charm, no annoying leg loops needed! See below for a sizing guide.

XXSmall - 8-9" length, 2-5 lbs

XSmall - 12-13" length, 5-10 lbs

Small - 15-17" length, 10-18 lbs

Medium - 19-21"length, 18-29 lbs

Large - 23-25" length, 29-40 lbs

XLarge - 27-29" length, 40-60 lbs

XXLarge - 30-33" length, 60-80 lbs

XXXLarge - 36-38" length, 80-120 lbs

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